Our district Food Services department works hard to provide healthy lunches to our students. They use local foods when possible and provide students the opportunity to try new, locally sourced, food items at our monthly tasting tables.

Information about the program including the nutrition guidelines, our pre-ordering system at the elementary schools, the online student accounts, menus, farm to school programs, and more can be found on the district website on the Food and Nutrition Services page.

Menus for all the schools can be found here.

March 2020 Elementary Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Tasting Tables for March

At our tasting tables on Thursday, March 5th, Hoover students will have the chance to try locally-grown rutabaga sticks with white bean hummus.  Be sure to ask your child if they tried it – and if they liked it!

Some Fun Rutabaga Facts:

  • Rutabaga is also known as yellow turnip, swede, and neep.
  • In Oregon, rutabaga is harvested twice in May-June and again in July-August.
  • Rutabagas are high in fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C.
  • Rutabagas can be used as a low-carb and low-calorie replacement for potatoes.
  • Forest Grove, Oregon has been Rutabaga Capital of the World since 1951!

If you have questions about the Corvallis Farm to School program, please contact Jessica Worden (, Farm to School Coordinator.



Information on how the Free/Reduced Lunch program works, including federal income guidelines, can be found on the district site. There are also links to the online application as well as printable applications in both English and Spanish. These can all be found here.

You can find your student’s meal account balance and make payments via credit card via Titan School Solutions. You can also make payments with a check or cash through the Hoover Office.

There are new lunch and milk prices for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Here is a look at those for the district.

Meal Prices for 2019-20

  Breakfast Lunch
Milk Only 0.60 0.60
Elementary 1.75 2.75
Middle 2.10 3.25
High 2.10 3.50
Adult 2.35 4.00


Summer Meals for Students  

School is out, and many families are looking for fun, healthy things to do. Help spread the word that meals are served free of charge to kids and teens ages 1 – 18 at sites all across the state of Oregon. Community summer meal programs are open to all families and don’t ask for any paperwork – kids can just drop in. Programs with meals are offered at many different types of places, including schools, parks and community centers. Many offer fun activities that help kids stay active and keep learning during the summer when school is out.

Kids and families can find local summer meal programs by visiting or calling 541-757-5859.

To learn more about the Summer Food Service Program, visit Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs at For summer meals and other nutrition resources, visit

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.