Digital Citizenship

At Hoover our goal is to give our students all the skills needed to move on to middle school and beyond. Part of that process is to help our students prepare for life in the Digital Age. One way we approach this is to provide Digital Citizenship lessons for each grade level. These lessons are adapted from the Common Sense Media Curriculum and cover topics including exploring the internet safely, balancing media use, cyberbullying, and research.

These lessons come with some fantastic Family Activities to follow up on lessons at home. There are also Resources and Tips for parents who need some help navigating these waters with their students. Below you can find link to these items.


Kindergarten Digital Citizenship Family Activity

First Grade Digital Citizenship Family Activity

2nd Grade Digital Citizenship Family Activity

3rd – 5th Cyberbullying Family Activity

3rd – 5th Digital Footprint Family Activity

3rd – 5th Media Balance Family Activity

3rd – 5th News & Media Literacy Family Activity

3rd – 5th Privacy and Security Family Activity

3rd – 5th Relationships and Communication Family Activity

Additional News & Media Literacy Family Activity (6-8th)



Privacy & Security Family Resources & Tips

Relationships & Communication Family Resources & Tips

News & Media Literacy Family Resources & Tips

Media Balanace & Well-Being Family Resources & Tips

Digital Footprint & Identity Family Resources & Tips

Cyberbullying & Digital Drama Family Resources & Tips

Legit-O-Meter – This poster helps students to determine if an online source is “legit.” Gives tips on what to look for on a website to evaluate it’s validity as a good news source.