Volunteers are an integral part of the Hoover Parent Teacher Organization (HPTO) process. Without them HPTO events can’t function.

For information on how to become a Volunteer at Hoover (which will allow you to volunteer in the classroom and for HPTO activities), please see our Volunteer Page.

For a list of HPTO activities, all of which require volunteers, please see our HPTO Events Page.


Besides scheduled events, HPTO relies heavily on volunteers for our Volunteer Center. The Volunteer center is a spot in Hoover where all staff members can leave projects that they don’t have time to finish and need someone with a few extra minutes to handle for them. Copies, laminating, cutting, etc – these are all the types of projects that can be found in the Volunteer Center. Certain projects take longer than others, some can even be taken home. Staff members truly appreciate parents taking the time to finish these. It is a well-used and well-valued part of what HPTO offers the Hoover staff.


HPTO has many positions open for parents who would like to take a more active role in the Hoover community. Along with the HPTO board members (elections are held for board members every May to decide the board for the next school year), every HPTO event requires a coordinator. There are also opportunities to coordinate events that are held throughout the year.  If you are interested please email Marcy  for information.