Where did the fall go?  Here we are already heading into winter break.  It’s very easy to sit on the couch and not be active.  Try to get out and enjoy our Oregon Winter as a family.  The Willamette Valley is an ever changing landscape.  Adventure is only a walk away.

If you and your family are looking for fun activities to do during winter break, please check out the Corvallis School District website! Families are invited to learn about community events and opportunities each Friday at:

I have found some fun family events that will get you outside and active.  Have a great winter break and see you in January!

Dale Looney

PE Specialist Hoover Elementary M/W


Your student will have PE two times most weeks of school for the entire 2017-18 school year.  It is really important for each Hoover Husky to dress for activity on their PE days; this includes the proper shoes.  I prefer soft soled, close toed and the shoe that connects at least to the heel (toe protection and to keep the shoe in place).  Grades 1st-5th go outside whenever possible and kick footballs and soccer balls and do other activities on the playground as well as the field.   It’s perfectly alright to bring another pair of shoes to school to change into before coming to PE it they aren’t wearing safe PE shoes.

PE is an active class so dressing for activities is very important.  When possible, I will tell classes what is coming up so they can plan ahead.

If your student for any reason must sit out of PE, please call the office and leave a message for their PE teacher or send a note with your child in the morning.  For all students, it would be great if they could bring something to do during their PE time (if they bring homework or a book to read from their class that would be great).

At the beginning of the school year we work on playground type activities (K-2) and football skills (3-5).  As long as we are able this fall, we will be outside.  When we do get pushed in, we will work on volleyball skills as well as hand-eye coordination activities.

Lifelong activity is our focus for students here at Hoover.  Whenever possible I like to relate what we are doing in PE to where and how they can add these activities into their regular life.  Whether it’s a sport that they participate in or an activity that they do, all hand-eye coordination activities we do can also improve an activity that also uses hand-eye coordination.

Mrs. Looney (M/W)

Elementary PE Specialist

Hoover Elementary