PE Happenings – June

Summer is coming!!

With the great change to our valley weather brings the beginning of summer vacation.  But, don’t look too far out.  Wednesday June 14th is the first all comers track meet at Corvallis High School.  These meets are put on with volunteer help and sponsored by The Heart of the Valley Running Club.  It costs just $2.00 to enter as many events as you or your child would like to participate in.  Age groups range from 2 to 92!  CHS is a great venue to watch, participate and visit with others while cheering each other on.  The meets begin at 6:00pm, so arrive a little early to sign up.  See the flyer that has been posted on the Hoover Website on the NEWS page for more information.

June 14

June 28

July 12


Corvallis has a vast variety of summer happenings from Osborn Aquatics ( ) to Corvallis Parks and Rec (  Many things of interest are there for you to explore.  Take a walk and see what is happening in your neighborhood.

Free activities are always a great way to go.  Frisbee golf is available at Willamette Park, Adair County Park, Mary’s River Park (Philomath), Philomath Middle School and others.  It’s free and fun.  Regular Frisbees work just fine.  Ask your child about Disc bonk, Can Jam and Landmark Frisbee.  All of these activities require little or no equipment other than a Frisbee and can be done in your backyard.

Go forth, enjoy the summer and be active.

Mrs. Looney

PE Happenings – May


Along with the nice warm weather comes the tendency to wear open toed shoes to school.  This becomes a safety concern for PE activities both in the gym and outside.  Please send along another pair of closed toed shoes that attach to the heel for your students safety.  With the fields open, we will be going out as much as possible.  Along these same lines is how students dress for the day.  If your student has PE in the afternoon, it can become very warm by then.  Layering is a great idea so they can be active without overheating.


All should remember to stay hydrated during warm active days.  Remember to drink lots of water to keep from becoming thirsty.  If you feel thirsty, it usually means you are becoming dehydrated.  Drink water often to maintain a healthy balance.


Fitness testing

The 3rd-5th grade will have completed their fitness testing by the end of May.  All students K-5th grade practice the fitness tests in some way. Grades 3-5 pre and posttest PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) and the push up test.  The reason for doing these tests is to educate your student on how to evaluate their own fitness level.  As they move from elementary to middle and on to high school, these tests follow them.  At each level they will be tested on their fitness level in some way.  My aim is to teach the basics that can then be built upon later.

Mrs. Looney


What’s coming next in PE this Spring?

We will be doing a lot of work on hand-eye activities along with striking.  The activities will include: Frisbees, softball, and Tennis/rackets.  When the field dries out and the weather permits, classes will be going outside.

PACER Final Test-

During the week of April 24th-28th the 3rd through 5th grades will doing their final PACER test of the year.  We have been practicing this all year and now your student will have the chance to run their best trying to surpass their fall score.  Please make sure they wear the appropriate footwear.  Rubber boots and sandals are very difficult to run in on the gym floor.

Footwear Safety-

Speaking about footwear, consider what your child wears on their feet to school.  I realize as the temperature goes up, sandals are seen more.  These are not safe footwear for PE class.  If your child does wear open toed shoes that don’t connect to the heel it is best if they also bring a pair of closed toed shoes that connect to their heel to change into at PE time.  On the black top small rocks get in between the foot and shoe and out on the field grass all sorts of things can find their way into this space.

Mrs. Looney


PE Happenings   – February/March Newsletter          


There are a lot of activities happening in the gym during PE the next two months.  We finished Tumbling and Floor Hockey and have moved into the next unit with all grades working on hand-eye coordination.


The Kinder through 2nd grade will be practicing with a variety of equipment while the 3rd-5th will work mainly on Badminton.  Badminton is both a great activity that the whole family can do together and a very frustrating sport.  Who hasn’t missed a bird or two?  If you don’t own your own rackets and birdies, you can find them inexpensively at most second hand stores.


While the older classes finish up Badminton, the younger classes will begin their jump rope unit.  This includes short, long and Chinese jump ropes.  Grades 3-5th will then join in on jump rope skills ending with learning or practicing double Dutch.


Walk and Bike to School

Remember the first Wednesday of each month is walk and bike to school.  Mrs. Gourley’s kindergarten class it appears is on an unbreakable streak. They have had the highest percentage of students participate in each month this school year.  Can any class rise to the challenge?  The class with the highest number/percentage will each receive a fold up soft Frisbee.



November/December Newsletter

What’s happening in PE



The fall has gone by quickly this year.  Unfortunately the early rain pushed us inside sooner then expected.  PE at all levels have completed their volleyball unit and will be starting basketball this week.

We will cover basic skills such as ball handling and shooting.  The 4th and 5th grade will also work on team work, game strategy along with defense and offense in a lead up game.



Walk and Bike to School

Remember that Wednesday December 7th is Walk and Bike to School.  The class at both Kinder-2nd grade and 3rd-5th with the highest percentage of participants will get gloves for each student.  The past two months Mrs. Gourley’s kinder class has had the overall highest percentage with November seeing 100% participation.  Remember that you can park in the nearby neighborhood or church and walk your student to school if you have to drive in.  That too counts.


With the rains of fall and winter we all tend to move in doors.  Try to take advantage of those rare breaks in the weather and get the family outside for a walk.  We are so privileged to live in such diverse a climate in the mid valley.  Each day brings something new to our landscape.  Walking is a great way to explore our seasonal changes.