PE Happenings March/April

Welcome to Oregon Spring!  With the longer evening daylight hours and the warmer temperatures, more physical activities are available to all.  Consider taking advantage and getting out as a family to see the ever changing landscape of our community.

In PE class for the 3rd through 5th grades we have just begun our Badminton unit.  Many of you have fond memories of playing as a child.  Used equipment is easy to find in your local second hand store.  If you don’t own or have access to rackets and birds consider borrowing or purchasing.  This activity is a great hand-eye coordination sport that will cross over into other areas.  And a very entertaining whole family activity.

All classes will move outside as the weather permits and the field dries.  Activities will include striking with softball skills, Frisbees and hopefully we will be able to revisit Tennis/paddles.

Have a great spring break

Mrs. Looney

PE Happenings – January

Before winter break we covered volleyball and basketball skills.  Primary grades also worked with the large parachute.  January will see cooperative activities along with Floor Hockey for grades 3-5, jump ropes for kindergarten through 2nd grade, along with hand eye coordination activities.  Then all grades will get the mats out to do some special awareness activities or as you might know it by, tumbling.

With the increased day light and breaks in the rain, get out and get some fresh air.  It is amazing how much better you and your family will feel after just a short walk around your block.

Walk and Bike to School

Remember the first Wednesday of each month is walk and bike to school.  The next one is February 7.

PE Happenings – November/December

I hope most of you put in the effort to participate in this year’s first Walk and Bike to School.  Mark your calendar, we will repeat this the first Wednesday of each month this year.  There will be one exception in January.  Our first week back from vacation is the week of the 8th.  Our WB2S will be the 10th of January.

We were able to get outside this fall and get through a Tennis unit with the 3rd-5th grades.  Then we moved on to football skills.  This was a nice change from last fall when we were pushed in so early and then dealt with such a wet school year.

Kinder through 2nd grades started off working on cooperation activities.  We also covered playground activities.   We moved on to some fun Frisbee activities before starting volleyball skills for all grades.

Next up will be Basketball skills and lead up activities.

With the rains of fall and winter we all tend to move indoors.  Try to take advantage of those rare breaks in the weather and get the family outside for a walk.  We are so privileged to live in such a diverse climate in the mid valley.  Each day brings something new to our landscape.  Walking is a great way to explore our seasonal changes.