If the staff member’s name is a link, it will take you to their classroom website.

Office Staff

Anna Marie Gosser – Principal

Marcy Hermens – Lead Secretary/Operations Assistant

Natalie Kovac – Assistant Secretary

Classroom Teachers

Renee Pipitone – Kindergarten

Joyce Gourley – Kindergarten

Mandy Hunter – First Grade

Jennifer Karlin – First Grade

Morgan Zinkhan – Second Grade

Kyeli Eastland – Second Grade

Jill Clarno – Second Grade

Anicia Criscione – Third Grade

Carly Babbel – Third Grade

Jen Gower – Third Grade

Kim Perdue – Fourth Grade

Liz Clocker – Fourth Grade

Erin Jamison – Fourth Grade

Michael Baker – Fifth Grade

Tiffany Carter – Fifth Grade

Amy Sampson – Fifth Grade



Jake Craig – PE

Carie Roberts – Art

Jakki Moses – Music

Joanne Bryan – Speech

Leslynn Vandermeer – ESL

Sara Wiger – RTI

Support Staff

Danika Trosko – Behavior Coach

Makenzie Farnes – Behavior Coach

Christine Cox – Counselor

Melissa Miller – Technology

Cara Miller – Librarian

Sue Bearden – Campus Steward

Brian Correll – Cook

Melissa Peterson – Instructional Assistant

Donna Megy – Instructional Assistant

Joy Patton – Instructional Assistant

Sandra De Carolis – Instructional Assistant

Jen Pointer – Instructional Assistant

Jenny Gruenemay – Instructional Assistant

Vicky Lynn Sullivan – Instructional Assistant

Taylor Barats – Instructional Assistant

Hailey Hetterick – Instructional Assistant

Kaylynn Warnecke – Instructional Assistant