As you see on the (Hoover Parent Teacher Organization) HPTO Events page, there are many fundraisers throughout the year. However, you may be wondering where all that money goes. So often our art program is what is mentioned, and while that does cover some of where the HPTO money goes, there are a variety of other things it funds! Here are some of the things HPTO funded in the 2015-2016 school year:

Art Teacher’s Salary and Art Supplies

Beginning of the year supply funds for every teacher

Assemblies and a visit with author, Mike Thaler

Sensory Tables in Kindergarten

Rainbow Square Rugs in 1st grade

Fiction & Non-Fiction Books in 1st grade

Light cart for plant experiments in 2nd grade

iPad keyboards for 5th grade iPads

Partial funding of new writing curriculum

Rugs and Supplies for the Learning Center

2 playground benches (waiting to be installed)


There are 2 items that were approved this year that but have not happened yet. Improvements to the playgrounds and an electronic reader board are things we can look forward to in the near future.