Hoover Year-End Slideshow – Let’s Make It Happen!

Hello Hoover Huskies,

The annual End of Year Assembly and Slideshow has been a tradition at Hoover for decades. For those who are new to Hoover, normally on the last day of school we have an End of the Year Assembly that celebrates all of our achievements for the year, gives a send-off to our 5th graders, and ends with a picture slide show that commemorates the year.

We can’t hold the assembly this year. However, with some creativity and your help, we are working to make sure the students can have their slideshow.

First, we have really appreciated all of the Hoover Memories you are sending our way for our social media posts. Remember, those memories can be from any year you were at Hoover.

But let’s talk about THIS year’s end-of-year slideshow and how YOU can help!

Normally, we ask teachers to take pictures of their students and send them to Mrs. Miller who creates the slideshow. Teachers will still be providing pictures they took before March, but we won’t have nearly enough (especially as a lot of the photos usually provided by the teachers are taken in the spring).

That is where you guys come in. We need your photos from THIS school year! Think class parties, field trips, after-school events – whatever you have. Pictures of your students in their distance learning space are also welcome!

Mrs. Miller will work hard to make this Slide Show just as special, if not a bit different, than it is every year. Again, she can’t do this without your help.

Please send pictures to melissa.miller@corvallis.k12.or.us by May 15! Thank you!

Thank you!