Who do I call if my child will be missing school?

Please call the front desk at 541-757-5958

When your child is absent for either a full or partial day, it is very important to report the absence to the office by 9:00 am the day of the absence. In the interest of student health and safety, the office staff will  start to phone parents or contacts who have not reported to us after the 9:00am cut off.

When leaving a voice message to report and absence, please include 1) your name, 2) student’s name, 3) teacher, and 4) nature of the absence. If you are prearranging an absence for another day, please include the date(s) of the absence. As always, you are welcome to phone Marcy Hermens or Natalie Kovac at the above number for questions about this process.

Where do I get emergency and school closure information?

Emergency notifications (such as snow days or delayed openings) are communicated district wide via Flash Alert. You can sign up for this service through our District Website.

These notifications will also go out through our Hoover Listerv (please email Marcy at the front desk to be added to this email). We also post emergency notifications on the Hoover Facebook Page.

What are the rules for the Hoover Parking Lot?

Our parking lot is a busy place especially during drop off and pick up times. Here are some basic instructions to help you remember how our parking lot works.

  • In Lane 1 (the lane closest to the school) you can park your car, get out, and walk with your student to class or go pick them up after school. This is the only lane where you can walk away from your car.
  • In Lane 2 (the middle lane) you can park your car in the morning or afternoon, but you may not leave the vehicle. During pick up times, stand next to your car and a staff member will bring your student to you.
  • Lane 3 (the lane closest to the street) is a through lane. This lane needs to keep moving (except when stopping for crossing guards). Students may not get in or out of the car from the 3rd lane.

Please keep in mind that Northwest Hills Church allows Hoover parents use of their parking lot before and after school to help alleviate the the stress of finding space in our parking lot.

What are the Hoover Bus Routes?

Please see our Transportation Page.

What is the Hoover Dress Code?

Student dress and grooming are the responsibilities of the individual and parents under the following guidelines:

  1. Dress and grooming shall be in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety practices.
  2. When a student is participating in special activities, dress and grooming shall not disrupt the performance or constitute a health or safety threat to the individual or other students.
  3. Dress and grooming shall not disrupt or impede the teaching/learning process. For example, all students should wear (or bring) tennis shoes to participate in PE class.
  4. Students should dress appropriately for the day’s weather in order to participate in recess, which will be outside every day regardless of weather. Specifically, on rainy days, students need to be wearing waterproof jackets with hoods. Our recess breaks are held outside, rain or shine.

Is there a Hoover Newsletter?

Hoover has a weekly email newsletter, Hoover Happenings. (To receive this and the rest of our email communication, please make sure to be part of our listerv. You can contact Marcy Hermens at the front desk to be added. This newsletter contains a lot of important information such as HPTO events, monthly tasting table information, local events, school calendars, and more. If you need a hard copy, several are available in the front office.

Can I get a copy of the Hoover Student Handbook?

Yes, they are available in the office. Here is a pdf copy: 2017 -2018 Parent – Student Handbook. A district student handbook is also available here.